The Spectrum of Mindfulness Practices

Paying Attention

Mindfulness is about paying attention, as experts both East and West will tell you. Another way of looking at this is: Mindfulness isn’t free — you PAY attention. Is the opportunity cost worth it? In most cases it is worth it. If you are depressed, you should not engage in mindfulness practices; but for everyone else, mindfulness appears to have enormous benefits.

Train Like a Professional Tennis Player

World class coach Jim Loehr uses a metaphor from his time spent working with professional tennis players. For Loehr, we all have a “backhand and forehand” of either “humility or confidence.”

An Outline for the Method of Mindful Practice

Which brings me back to the spectrum of mindfulness practice. The following is an outline of the small growth steps required to move towards greater balance, by improving your backhand (whichever one you might have; detailed versions for each backhand to follow). Generally speaking, this process begins as an idea, moves into feelings, and only then becomes new behaviors. It all starts with simple noticing:

Two Types of Change

There are simple changes and complicated changes. I have been discussing the complicated changes needed to address a simple balance — confidence and humility. Most of the time, development requires an interpersonal commitment, because the changes are complicated.

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